In the Park “Zaryadye” because of vandals have changed the mode of operation

Moscow Zaryadye Park from September 14 to change the schedule of work for the conservation of landscape and architecture, and the elimination of vandals caused damage. This is the website of the mayor and Moscow government with reference to the Director of the Park Paul Trekhleb.

“The number of restrictions is entered in the “charge” for the preservation of landscape and architecture. September 14, the entrance area, the observation deck of “Flying bridge” and the pavilions will be implemented in 15-minute intervals. This will help to distribute the flow of visitors and increase control over the objects. On 18 September in “charge” will begin restoration work. The entrance to the Park on Mondays will be open to visitors from 14:00″, — stated in the message.

“The limit — a necessary measure. The landscape of the Park is its basis without which “charge” will not be able to exist. And if we do not take care of green plants, many of which have suffered due to actions of the visitors, they will die. We are aware that some of the plantings will have to be restored, and in fact had done a great job on their selection, ordering, planting and delivery to the Park”, — said the Trekhleb.

The Director of the Park once again urged visitors to be more careful to protect the nature and objects of the Park.

Also provides a new mode of operation Park hours: Monday -14:00-22:00, last entrance to the Park at 21:00. The pavilions are open from 14:00 to 20:00. Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-22:00, last entrance to the Park at 21:00. The pavilions are open from 10:00 to 20:00.

Yesterday the chief of Department on gardening and conservation work of the Park Igor Safiullin said that “charge” for three days of work missed 10 thousand plants. “Visitors trampled plants and lawns, especially in the area of the Northern landscape. It destroyed almost 30 percent of green cover,” said Safiullin. “Imagine, dig the plants, hiding them in your bag and go. All greens have not yet taken root, it has only recently landed, so from the ground quickly pull the hands,” he added.

On 11 September it became known that vandals damaged in “charge” design dome “glass crust”, the media centre and green spaces. As explained by the Director of design of civil projects of “Mosinzhproekt” Galina Gorbushina, the replacement of one glass triangle that make up the dome, are costly and require complicated technical work.

The Zaryadye Park on the site of the demolished hotel “Russia” was opened in celebration of the 870th anniversary of the capital on September 9. His first visitors were the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, as well as journalists, schoolchildren, pupils of boarding schools and children from large families. For all other Park was opened on September 11.