In the Kremlin commented on the article Focus with insults Putin

Vladimir Putin

Insults to the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the article of the German magazine Focus (Focus) is unacceptable, said the press Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov. His words on Wednesday, September 13, leads the correspondent of”.ru”.

“Rather, it casts a shadow on the reputation of the publication”, — said Peskov.

He also noted that the magazine is well-known subjectivity, “based on the extreme Russophobia,” but because the Kremlin does not consider it a noteworthy source of information.

On September 12 the Russian Embassy in Germany has demanded an apology from the editor of Focus Robert Schneider. The Embassy expressed hope that “insulting remarks against the Russian President is nothing more than a failed linguistic exercise of the journalist, which is allowed to print by mistake.”

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We are talking about material that is devoted to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. It contains the phrase: “of Course she is afraid of dogs, Putin, but she’s definitely not afraid of a dog named Putin”. A day earlier, the Russian Embassy published this text in social networks, drawing her attention to the head of press and information of the German government.

In February, the press Secretary of the Russian President said that Vladimir Putin is ready to reasonable criticism in the media, however, considers categorically unacceptable personal insults.