Focus explained for insulting Putin

The representative of the press service of the German magazine Focus Alice Wagner stated that the publication did not want to insult the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. About it reports RBC.

In an article called “50 reasons against Merkel”, the magazine Focus one of the arguments called the fear of the German Chancellor to “Putin’s dog”, but the lack of such “dog Putin.” This comparison has angered the Russian Embassy in Germany, which has demanded an apology from the Focus.

As explained by Wagner, the word “dog” (der Hund) in German is a synonym of the expression “die hard” (harter Hund), but, “unfortunately, the irony of this phrase cannot be adequately translated into Russian language”.

In 2007, during the talks of Angela Merkel with Vladimir Putin in Sochi in the room ran Putin’s Labrador Koni, than scared Merkel.