Died who starred in “the Sopranos” actor Frank Vincent

Died who starred in “the Sopranos” actor Frank Vincent

American actor Frank Vincent, who played gangsters in “the Sopranos” and the films of Martin Scorsese, has died during surgery. The actor was 78 years old.

In the United States at the age of 78 years died actor Frank Vincent, who played in the TV series “the Sopranos” and several movies about the mafia Martin Scorsese, reports TMZ.

It is reported that the actor died Wednesday, September 13, at a hospital in new Jersey during open heart surgery. Last week Vincent had a heart attack.

Vincent was born on 4 Aug 1939 in North Adams (Massachusetts) in Italian-American family. Initially built a career as a musician. Akterskoy his first work was the role in the film “the death Collector”, released in 1976. In this movie he was noticed by Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. Subsequently, Vincent will star in three films Scorsese “raging bull” (1980), “Goodfellas” (1990) and “Casino” (1995). After these roles, Vincent got the image of a gangster.

Popularity Vincent brought the role of mobster Phil Leotardo in the series David chase “the Sopranos”. The series was released between 2004 and 2007. Just on account of Vincent’s more than thirty roles.