American teacher offended a student because of too large Breasts

In the us state of Missouri, a school teacher criticized 17-year-old girl in front of the class because her “Boobs are too big”. Reported by the New York Post.

The teacher also added that full-bodied women should go to specialty stores that sell clothes in larger sizes. The incident occurred at the school on Friday, September 8, however it became known of it just now.

The girl’s mother on the same day he posted on his page in Facebook photo of the daughter in the clothes that did not like the teacher. The student was jeans with ripped knees and a jacket with long sleeves. The clothing didn’t look too tight or the caller.

According to high school girls, after what happened at the lesson, she was in the office of the headmaster who didn’t believe in her story.

The school called inappropriate teacher comment data regarding foreign students. Currently, it turns out, has been violated the policy of the institution, requiring that teachers treated students courteously and professionally.

The girl’s family has hired a lawyer.