American accused Starbucks of the death of your dog

A resident of the American city of Denver (Colorado) has filed a lawsuit against the coffee chain Starbucks. She blames the company for the death of his dog, as well as receiving severe burns. On it informs TV channel CBS News.

In September 2015 Deanna Salas-Solano (Deanna Solas-Solando) car pulled up to the window of the coffee shop, where we bought tea. According to the woman, the Barista handed her a Cup without a special holder, and with a poorly fitting lid.

As a result, she burned fingers and spilled tea to his belly and thigh. From his injuries the woman screamed. On her knees threw a dog. The animal hit the glass and knocked back the remaining drink.

From the received traumas, incompatible with life, the dog died in a veterinary clinic. Her mistress was also in the hospital where she was diagnosed with a second-degree burn of two percent of the body surface. During the treatment the woman needed skin grafts.

In Starbucks the guilt of the employee of the denial. According to representatives of the coffee chain, they have a video to prove them right. It is ready to grant the first court hearing.