The UN security Council tightened sanctions against North Korea

Continued: the DPRK rejected the new sanctions of the UN security Council

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on new sanctions against North Korea, RIA Novosti reported. The decision was taken by members of the security Council unanimously.

According to the document, there will be restrictions on the supply to DPRK of petroleum products. Is also the limit on the supply to North Korea of crude oil — the volumes should not exceed the figures for the past 12 months. Also, the DPRK will not be able to purchase condensate and gas liquids will not be able to sell textile products.

The resolution refers to the willingness of the UN security Council to support the six-party talks and call for their resumption. SB also welcomes the efforts of States to “facilitate a peaceful and comprehensive solution through dialogue”, without noting specific initiatives.

As stated by the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, Pyongyang has not yet passed the “point of no return” in the issue of restoration of relations with the world powers. “The new sanctions is no fun. We are not looking for war. The DPRK regime has not yet passed the point of no return. If they agree to stop their nuclear program, they have a chance. If they prove that they can live in peace, the world will live peacefully,” — said the diplomat. “However, if the DPRK continues its threat of action, we will continue to exert pressure. The choice for them”, she added.

On 3 September, the DPRK announced the successful underground test of a hydrogen warhead for Intercontinental ballistic missiles. Recent seismological data of Japanese experts presented September 6, indicate that the power of the explosion was about 160 kilotons.

According to the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-UN, the sixth nuclear test is “a big victory for the people and proof that the DPRK is a nuclear power with Intercontinental ballistic missile with a hydrogen warhead”.

USA took the initiative to submit to vote of the UN security Council draft resolution about the strengthening of sanctions against the DPRK over the nuclear test. Initially the Americans were preparing a set of tougher measures on North Korea, up to a full oil embargo and the imposition of sanctions against the Kim Jong-UN. In this regard, North Korea has warned the United States that Washington “will face the greatest pain and suffering in its history” if you continue to insist on strengthening the sanctions regime against Pyongyang and will not stop trying to promote the UN security Council “illegal resolution”.