The President of Singapore became the first woman

Halima Yaqub

In Singapore as the first in the country’s history a woman President. About it reports Reuters.

The head of state was 63-year-old Halima Yaqub. The procedure of the election passed without a vote. Initially, the post ran five candidates, but the Parliament of Singapore decided that the presidency this time should be representative of the Malay community. In the end, the names of two persons were rejected on the grounds that they are not Malays, and two more were recognized as not corresponding to presented to the President the requirements.

Jakub, the daughter of an Indian and Maliki, for three years held the post of Deputy speaker of Parliament, passed the qualification automatically, and the same was automatically declared the winner. If she had at least one rival, it would have to hold elections, which would be participated by all citizens of Singapore.

The President of the Republic of Singapore according to the Constitution is head of state and is elected by popular vote for 6 years. Until 1991, he was appointed by Parliament and was a ceremonial figure, but after the reform has received the authority in financial and personnel matters.