The head of the European Commission eliminated Turkey’s membership in the EU in the near future

Jean-Claude Juncker

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called the reasons for Turkey in the short term can not become a EU member. This he said during the annual address to the European Parliament. The transcript is available on the website of the European Commission.

According to Juncker, the candidate must ensure that the rule of law, justice and fundamental human rights. “This eliminates Turkey’s membership in the EU in the foreseeable future,” he said.

Juncker also said that in Turkish prisons there are opposition journalists who dared to criticize the government and demanded their release.

“Stop insulting our member States, comparing their leaders with fascists and Nazis. Europe is a continent of Mature democracies,” he asked the head of the European Commission.

On March 21, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that after the referendum on extension of presidential powers, his country could reconsider its relations with the “fascist and violent” Europe. “This Europe before the Second world war: racist, fascist, violent Europe. Anti-Islamic and anti-Turkish,” explained his point of view policies.