The German foreign Minister appreciated the idea of using the negotiations with the DPRK, the Iranian experience

Sergei Ryabkov

Russia with interest refers to the idea of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to transfer the experience of the negotiations on Iran on the North Korean situation. This is with reference to Deputy foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov RIA Novosti reported.

“A creative eye and approach to the situation is very popular ( … ) — said Ryabkov. But I can not say about the fact that the complete and direct Parallels between the two situations probably is not possible, because the DPRK, unlike Iran is a country that has really mastered nuclear weapons technology, at least to the extent of allowing Pyongyang to test nuclear explosive devices and to move towards continuous improvement of the means of delivery in the form of ballistic missiles.”

According to Ryabkov, the missile program of Iran is largely confined to space and it is far behind the North Korean results.

The diplomat said that Pyongyang, as far as he can judge, is extremely interested in a direct dialogue with Washington. “I have no confidence that the US administration has the political will and commitment, sufficient to enable such a dialogue to enter,” — said Ryabkov.

Earlier, Angela Merkel has proposed to use to resolve the situation on the Korean Peninsula in the format of “six” who perform well in solving the Iranian problem. As noted by the Chancellor, Berlin is ready to participate in such negotiations.