Peskov reiterated Moscow’s attempts to establish a dialogue with the United States

Dmitry Peskov

Moscow proposed to hold meetings to discuss acute problems, but not reciprocal, said press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. His words to the correspondent “” on Wednesday, September 13.

The representative of the Kremlin said that the Russian side has “advocated the resumption of dialogue, exchange of views.” He confirmed the existence of the document referenced by BuzzFeed: it Moscow spoke about the desire to resume contacts on a range of issues.

Peskov said that the information transmitted through the channels of foreign ministries: “It is a common practice of diplomatic work”.

Earlier Wednesday, the portal Buzzfeed reported that the Kremlin in the third month after the entry of Donald trump in the office of President of the USA urged the White house a road map to normalize relations. The document referenced by the portal, calls for the full restoration of diplomatic, military and intelligence channels of communication in Ukraine, Syria and North Korea.

The Russian Embassy in Washington declined to comment on the “closed bilateral negotiations, which are the usual diplomatic practice.” State Department spokesman Heather Nauert in turn, said that she did not know about it.

June 21, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow will not hold bilateral consultations with Washington on the problems in relations after the expansion of us sanctions.