Opposition leader Udaltsov detained outside the state Duma

Sergei Udaltsov

The coordinator “the Left front” Sergey Udaltsov, was detained during a single picket near the building of the state Duma in Moscow. About it “Interfax” on Wednesday, September 13, said his wife Anastasia Udaltsova.

“Detained two people, Sergei and Alexei Vorontsov, who at this time was the poster. It was a picket, Sergei at the time of arrest was standing nearby,” she said.

According to Udaltsova, the series of pickets at the state Duma were held with the requirement for a broad Amnesty for the 100th anniversary of the revolution.

At the present moment detainees are delivered in OVD “Tver”.

40-year-old Sergei Udaltsov, August 8, was released from prison No. 3 common mode in the Tambov region. For four and a half years was serving a sentence for organizing mass riots on Bolotnaya square in 2012.

September 5, Udaltsov announced the beginning of a new phase of the “Left front” — a leftist organization, uniting supporters of the socialist development of Russia.