Named script of Putin’s nomination for the presidency

Vladimir Putin Continued: Peskov commented on the message about the development strategy of the presidential campaign

The strategy of the presidential campaign, which is being developed in the Kremlin, almost ready. On Tuesday, September 12, reports “Kommersant”.

A source close to the presidential administration, told reporters that the topic was discussed last week during a private meeting. According to him, the nomination of Vladimir Putin to the presidency will be held in two stages. The first is scheduled for November, this month the President will give in principle agreement to participate in the campaign.

“It is impossible until December to pull with this issue, or is perceived to be unnatural”, — explained the source. He added that the event’s format should be similar to a straight line of the President: communication with the citizens and request for nomination from them.

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The second phase involves legal registration of the nomination of Putin as an independent candidate. The collection of signatures will begin later to the official campaign look as much as possible compressed. The law “On presidential elections” States that the purpose of the election is to be held from 7 to 17 December. Not later than 20 days after this (January 6) held registration of an initiative group in the CEC.

According to one version, to help Putin in the collection of signatures will be the activists of the party “United Russia”, but each of them will not work as the representative of the party, but as a private person. “It’s not the rating of the party, he has not at the Federal presidential elections the negative impact on the figure of the President. It rather depends on the political situation — who and in what capacity will be allowed to participate in the election campaign of the President”,— commented the political analyst Konstantin Kalachev.

In August, the residents of Buryatia, Putin asked whether he intends to participate in elections. The head of state, in response, promised to think about it.

The Russian presidential election in March 2018.