LGBT activists planted by the regional administration of Vyborg blue spruce

Activists of the “Alliance of heterosexuals and for LGBT equality” planted blue spruce and staged a picket at the regional administration of Vyborg, the local reception of the Governor and the party “United Russia”. On Wednesday, September 13, reported on the organization page in “Vkontakte”.

In the post about the promotion does not say. However, the authors recalled that the head of administration of the Vyborg district Gennady Orlov made homophobic remarks.

The representative of the Alliance Alexey Sergeev in conversation with the edition “” noted that the spruce and arborvitae were planted in Vyborg in honor of the anniversary of the twinning of this town with the Finnish Lappeenranta. In turn, the portal 47news notes that “Vyborg gay troops” staged their action in connection with the fact that the eagles “were noted in the spring of homophobic statements, like his colleague from Svetogorsk”.

March 1, the mayor of neighbouring Finland and Svetogorsk Sergey Davidov has declared the city free of gays. With the support of the town Governor, in particular, was made by the representative of the Vyborg authorities Gennady Orlov. “Gays in the Vyborg district can not be and should not everyone to be let go to Europe,” he said.