“Lawlessness and censorship”: Medinsky urged not to pander to the opponents of the movie “Matilda”

“Lawlessness and censorship”: Medinsky urged not to pander to the opponents of the movie “Matilda”

So the head of culture of the Russian Federation commented on the situation surrounding the movie “Matilda”.

MOSCOW, September 13. /TASS/. The Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky has called any attempts to exert pressure on cinemas in connection with the screening of the film “Matilda” directed by Alexei Uchitel censorship and lawlessness.

“Any intentions “of initiativesto” on the ground “to ban” any attempts to exert pressure on private or municipal cinemas — this is pure lawlessness and censorship, which is directly prohibited by the Constitution of the Russian Federation”, — said TASS, the head of the Ministry of culture.

“The Ministry of culture tried to the last to refrain from interfering in the scandal surrounding the latest film by people’s artist of the Russian Federation of Teachers, he said. But recent events compel to speak with certainty”.

The scandal surrounding the film “Matilda” has arisen in connection with a dispute erupted previously the Director of the movie “Matilda” Teachers and state Duma Deputy Natalia Polonskaya. The MP believes that the film offends the memory of Tsar Nicholas II and the feelings of believers. The Director calls Poklonskaya unacceptable attempt to influence the creative process and rolling the fate.

The Minister of Poklonskaya and “activists” — the arsonists

The Minister of culture stressed that he did not know “what considerations guided by Madam Polonskaya, undertaking and supporting this uproar”.