Included after the hurricane generator killed the American family

In the us state of Florida three members of the family died in his house after he turned on the generator. Reported by the New York Post. Four of their relatives taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Presumably, they were poisoned by carbon monoxide. Generator it was decided to use due to the fact that some of the houses in the town of Kingswood manor was left without electricity after the hurricane “Irma”.

According to neighbors, the family consisted of five people, including three children. “They moved a few years ago. Such good people,” — said one of the neighbors, adding that the family often arranged barbecues and family holidays.

As notes the edition, the local authorities warned residents from using generators.

10 Sep hurricane “Irma” struck Florida, he had previously raged in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. His victims were 55 people.