In Poland turned over to the American military tractor

Near the Polish town bolesławiec (lower Silesian Voivodeship) overturned a U.S. military truck. About it reports on Wednesday, September 13, information service RMF24.

According to the press-Secretary of the district police Anne Kubelik Racheuski, the truck crashed into a dividing curb and overturned. There were two soldiers, they were not injured.

As noted, from-for road accident movement on the track was difficult in both directions.

In January it was reported that the Prime mover of the U.S. armed forces involved in an accident near the Polish town gorzów Wielkopolski (Lubusz to the West of the country). The driver of the car could not fit into the rotation.

The week before carrying the shells of tanks for the truck of the Armed forces of the United States turned over in the Lubuskie Voivodeship of Poland. As a result, two American soldiers (driver and passenger) sustained minor injuries and the road was blocked due to scattered projectiles. At the accident scene arrived sappers, military police, firefighters and us soldiers.