Germany has resumed the deportation of Afghans

The German government resumed deportations of Afghans to their homeland. About it reports Reuters.

From Germany were sent to eight workers. Earlier they had unsuccessfully applied for asylum. They were deported only after the court dismissed the appeal. The statement of the German prosecutors, all of them in the homeland were accused of serious crimes.

After a plane of migrants landed in Kabul, the arrivals were detained by law enforcement. According to Angela Merkel, deported only those who are involved in crimes and whom the police and security services are considered as a threat to national security of Germany.

This is the first mass deportation of Afghans from Germany in recent months. The process was suspended after the terrorist attack in Kabul on 31 may, when 150 people were killed and more than 400 injured, and also damaged the building of the German Embassy. Then human rights defenders and civil society activists criticized the German government to harsh criticism, accusing him that it’s sending the Afghans to a country where they face danger.