Clinton accused Putin in “a personal vendetta”

Hillary Clinton

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has accused Vladimir Putin’s “personal vendetta”. In an interview with USA Today she said that the Russian leader allegedly took revenge on her due to the strengthening of NATO in Eastern Europe at a time when her husband bill occupied the highest post of the country.

Another reason for “revenge” Clinton called their actions in 2011, when she, as Secretary of state, supported the protest mood in Russia.

“I couldn’t imagine that Putin will have enough boldness to start massive covert attack on our democracy from under our noses, and that we let him get away with it, Clinton said. — I have no doubt that he wanted me to lose, but trump won.”

Also the candidate from Democrats expressed confidence that trump to win has resulted in “well-hidden Russian money”.

September 11, Hillary Clinton said that is not going to nominate his candidacy for the presidency. However, she noted that it is not retiring from politics, since “this is the future of the United States.”

The U.S. presidential elections held November 8, 2016. Hillary Clinton running for the Democratic party and was considered the undisputed favorite of the race, still lost to Republican Donald Trump. He was inaugurated on January 20.