Austrian police arrested the ringleader of the gang Gagieva for extradition to Russia

The Vienna police took custody of the alleged ringleader of an organized criminal group from North Ossetia Aslan “Jacko” Gagieva. As reported by the Agency TASS source in the interior Ministry of Austria, law enforcement agencies thus fulfilled the decision of the Supreme court previously resolved to transfer the suspect to the Russian law enforcement agencies.

Judge Leo Livnat-Ivanski dismissed the complaint Gagieva who reported the possible violation of human rights in Russian prisons. He said that he had received from Moscow the necessary guarantees. According to him, the Supreme court of Vienna approved the extradition, it is now up to Minister of justice, who shall make the final decision.

Created a native of Georgia by Gagieva the gang started their criminal activities in 2004 and consisted of more than 50 members. They killed 60 people, including law enforcement officers, officials, businessmen.

22 members of the criminal organization were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, including two of them serving life sentences.

In custody are 13 people, nine or declared in the international and Federal wanted list.