Yashin told about replacement commemorative plaque Nemtsov

Ilya Yashin

Co-Chairman of movement “Solidarity” Ilya Yashin told TASS that dismantled the SERB activists the memorial sign Boris Nemtsov will return to the wall of the house where he lived before the assassination of the politician.

“We have the second sign, we thought it would be vandalism, so I made a spare,” said Yashin. According to him, the action shot of the memorial sign should be regarded as an act of vandalism.

Previously, municipal Deputy district Zamoskvorechye Igor Brumel has informed the Agency that the members of the movement of SERB removed the “illegally installed on the facade of the house №9 in the Clement lane a sign saying that this place supposedly lived politician Boris Nemtsov”.

Dismantled memorial sign, he said, delivered in a call center of ATC for the Central district of Moscow.

A commemorative plaque was opened on 7 September. According to opposition leader Vladimir Ryzhkov, the Board was created and established by the decision of owners of apartments of the house.

Boris Nemtsov was shot dead on 27 February 2015, on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge. At the place where the policy was almost immediately organized spontaneous memorial, which still protect the volunteers.