Yaroslavl opposition suspected of falsifying Cohiba

Yaroslavl opposition suspected of falsifying Cohiba

Yaroslavl branch of the Communist party and Yabloko asked the Central election Commission (CEC) to produce the control and the counting of votes at several polling stations in Yaroslavl, where on 10 September elections to the city Duma. The opposition suspects that the complexes of processing of ballots (Cohiba) was programmed to win “United Russia”. In regional election Committee to assure that it is technically impossible.

First Secretary of the Yaroslavl regional Committee of the Communist party Alexander Vorobyov, the leader of the branch of Yabloko Oleg Vinogradov asked the CEC to produce a test count of votes at 5% of polling stations in accordance with the Federal law “On basic guarantees of electoral rights and the right to participate in referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation”. They told about it on joint a press-conference.

According to them, Cohiba, installed on sites in day of voting on 10 September, could be programmed for the victory of “United Russia”, which received 30 out of 38 seats of the city Duma. The Communists alarmed the number of ballots recognized as invalid Cohiba (up to 10% in some areas), and the victory of candidates of the party in power in 18 of the 19 constituencies.