“Tver shooter” who killed nine people, received a life sentence

“Tver shooter” who killed nine people, received a life sentence

TVER, 12 Sep — RIA Novosti. The Tver regional court sentenced to life imprisonment 45-year-old Sergey Egorov, killed in June, nine gardeners.

“The court decided to appoint Egorov punishment in the form of a life imprisonment with serving of first five years in prison, then — in a correctional colony of strict regime,” — said the judge Elena Mordvinkin.

In addition, the court ordered Egorova to pay the relatives of the victims about 10.5 million rubles compensation for moral damage.

At the beginning of June in one of the houses in the dacha cooperative “50 years of October” in the village of Redkino, Konakovo district found the bodies of three women and five men. Later in the trunk of the car parked next to the car found a woman’s body. One girl managed to hide from the shooter and call the police.

The fire opened the 45-year-old Yegorov, who during the repast, fell out with the truckers and then went back to the offenders with a hunting rifle. The suspect was arrested immediately after the crime. He was drunk and tried to escape.

In court he admitted his guilt, and the last word was sorry for committing the murder.