The Russians began to live longer

The life expectancy of Russians first reached 72.5 years. This is with reference to the Rosstat data in the period from January to July 2017, said the Minister of health of Russia Olga Skvortsova, reports TASS.

“According to Rosstat data for the first seven months of this year, the life expectancy of Russians increased by 0.63 years for the first time in our history, reaching 72.5 years. While men’s life expectancy increased by 1 year — from 66.5 to 67.5 years. Women’s life expectancy amounted to 77.4 years”, — said Skvortsova.

The Minister of health noted a reduction in mortality in the country. “Mortality has decreased by 2.3 per cent and amounted to 12.7 per 1000 population (for seven months of 2016 to 13.0 per 1000 population)”, — said Skvortsova.

In particular, the mortality rate from neoplasms 5.5%, tuberculosis — by 17.6%, circulatory diseases, by 7.2 percent, respiratory diseases — by 23.3%, disease of the digestive system and by 10.2 percent. In addition, the marked reduction in mortality from accidental alcohol poisoning — by 21 percent, and from external causes of death by 11%, including from traffic accidents by 10.3 percent.

It is also noted that for 2017 held a historic low infant mortality rate, which for seven months decreased by 11.7 percent and amounted to 5.3 per 1000 live births.