The media learned about the new US strategy against Iran

The President of the United States Donald trump is considering the use of new, more aggressive strategy of Washington against Iran. On Tuesday, September 12, according to Reuters.

Indicates that for the President it was prepared by the Minister of defence James Mattis, Secretary Rex Tillerson and a number of other influential officials. The strategy involves a more aggressive action against Iran, in particular, in civil war-torn Iraq and Syria, where there are several armed groups, which consist of the Shia are supported by Iran.

“This plan can be called ambitious strategy against harmful activities on the part of Iran, financial policy, and support for terror, destabilize the region, especially in Syria, Iraq and Yemen,” told Reuters a source in the administration of the trump. Also strengthening of measures relating to the interception of Iranian weapons to the Houthis in Yemen and the Palestinian factions in the Gaza strip and the Sinai Peninsula. In addition, Trump offers to be more active in Bahrain, where the Shiite majority is fighting with the Sunni monarchy.

In may, trump demanded that Iran immediately cease financial and military support of terrorists and all kinds of militias. According to him, the Iranian authorities provide diverse support to terrorist organizations “from Lebanon to Iraq and Yemen, Tehran has funded, armed and trained terrorists and other extremist groups that sow destruction and chaos in the region. This is a government that speaks openly about the mass killings, calls for the destruction of Israel and the United States.”