Square of the Argentine Republic will appear in Moscow

Square of the Argentine Republic will appear in Moscow

In the toponymy of the capital will also perpetuate the names of the Bashkir poet Mustay Karim, the Russian geographer Dmitry Anuchin, Soviet designer Sergei Simonov and architect Yakov Belopolsky.

Three new streets and two city square will appear on the map of Moscow. All names were approved at a recent meeting of the Moscow City interdepartmental Commission on names, chaired by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov.

In honor of the Argentine Republic will name a previously unnamed Park on rye street in the Yakimanka district.

It is located close to the Embassy of the country. History of diplomatic relations between Russia and Argentina lasts from 1885. In March 2017 in Buenos Aires it was decided to establish the area of the Russian Federation. With the response the initiative to name a square in Moscow in honor of Argentina made a statement the Russian foreign Ministry jointly with the Embassy of the Argentine Republic.

The name of the designer, Sergei Simonov will get the Big square between the Butovo and Staronavodnic streets in the South-West of Moscow. Simonov lived in Butovo district from 1950 to 1986. To perpetuate his name proposed to the Council of deputies of the municipal district southern Butovo. Sergei Simonov (1894-1986) was a Soviet designer of small arms. In the list of his inventions — the first automatic rifle, anti-tank gun and self-loading carbine, which keeps armed honor guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Moscow.

Two new streets will appear in the South-West of Moscow.

One of them is the street the Architect Belopolsky in Concave. The new name will assign the Projected travel No. 6085, is located between the streets Butlerova and Maclay. Such a proposal was made at the Committee for architecture and urban planning of Moscow and the Prefecture of the South-Western district. Yakov Belopolsky (1916-1993) was a Soviet architect, one of the leading project planning and development of the South-West of the capital, one of the authors of the monument to Yuri Gagarin on Gagarin square. Belopolsky was also co-sponsored the building project of the Great Moscow circus on Vernadsky Prospekt.

Projected travel No. 421 facing University Avenue will be named after the Russian geographer and anthropologist Dmitry Anuchin. The initiative to perpetuate the name of the scientist came from the President of the Russian geographical society Sergei Shoigu. The length of the new street is one kilometer. Dmitry Anuchin (1843-1923) — Russian geographer, anthropologist, ethnologist, archaeologist, author of more than 600 books on ethnic anthropology and the anthropology, Ethnography. Name named Anuchin research Institute and Museum of anthropology of Moscow state University. In Bread lane house number 6, where the scientist lived from 1911 to 1923, a memorial plaque.