Russian authorities have promised foreigners a cheap treatment in the Caucasus


RIA Novosti

The creation of the innovative medical cluster in the Caucasian Mineral waters will allow Russia to attract “medical tourists”. About it in interview to Agency “Interfax”, said Deputy Minister for North Caucasus Affairs odes Baysultanov.

According to officials, the cost of treatment in Russia for foreign citizens can be in 2-2,5 times cheaper than in Europe. “By implementing this project, we not only reduce the flow of traveling abroad for treatment of the Russians, but will be able to create and reverse the flow,” he said.

Baysultanov said that by 2023 around Kislovodsk are created the main objects of the cluster, from education and science to high-tech medicine and rehabilitation in optimal natural conditions, the main competitive advantage. According to him, currently negotiations are underway with investors from Europe and Arab countries.

The Deputy Minister lamented the fact that everyone going on the treatment of Russian reserves in the countries of Central Europe and Israel about 10 thousand dollars, and all foreign medicine makes his compatriots about five billion dollars annually.