Putin voted in the municipal elections

Russian President Vladimir Putin voted in the municipal elections in Moscow, on plot no 2151, located in the building of the Academy of Sciences in the Gagarin district of the capital, reports TASS.

Here he voted in the past year — during the elections of state Duma deputies of the 7th convocation.

The Russian leader presented a passport with the PEC, and then received a ballot and went into the voting booth. Then the President lowered the paper in the ballot box.

The President also commented on the low turnout in the elections.

“I will come again. Not yet evening” — said the Russian leader.

As noted by the Secretary of area Galina Poletaeva, citizens vote not too active — as of 11:40 MSK voted 51 persons from 1328 Muscovites assigned to this site. Before Putin, there have already visited the first Vice-speaker of the state Duma Alexander Zhukov, the Chairman of the Supreme court Vyacheslav Lebedev.

Citizens in this area can choose from one to three members of the 18 candidates. The three independent candidates, representatives of “United Russia”, CPRF, “Yabloko” party, the Rodina, just Russia and the Party of growth.

At the entrance to RAS, while the plot was Putin, checked the passports of everyone who came. The voter access is not limited.

In Moscow today held municipal elections: deputies of regional councils choose in 125 municipalities.