“Matilda” will not show the largest chain of cinemas in Russia

“Matilda” will not show the largest chain of cinemas in Russia

“The formula of cinema” and “cinema Park” refused to hire the movie because of the security threat the audience.

The United network of cinemas “Sinema Park” and “Formula Kino” refused to show “Matilda,” directed by Alexei Uchitel due to security threats, said the cinema chain.

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In connection with the misconduct on the part of the opponents of the film have occurred in recent days in different cities of Russia, and the frequent threats against cinemas, the leadership of the United network decided to abandon showing films, the report said: “the Decision is linked to a desire to protect the visitors of the cinema from the risks that entail public screenings of the film”.

The United network of “cinema Park” and “Formula Kino” — the largest cinema chain in Russia, it belongs to Alexander Mamut.

The film “Matilda” directed by Alexei Uchitel released in October 26. This is the story of the novel of the future Emperor of Russia Nicholas II and the ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. Against the showing strongly objected to the Deputy of the State Duma Natalia Poklonskaya. She believes that the film will break the law because it offends the feelings of believers: Nicholas II and his family were recognized as saints of the Russian Orthodox Church. The teacher argues: the movie is based on real events, which preserved a lot of evidence. Vs. “Matilda” in favor of the ROC.

Poklonskaya in July, said that he collected 400,000 signatures against “Matilda”. The Ministry of culture, despite the protests of Poklonskaya and her supporters, gave the film a rental license.

On the eve near the Moscow office lawyer Teacher Konstantin Dobrynin unknown persons set fire to two cars and scattered leaflets with the slogan “For “Matilda” to burn”. A week earlier, consisting on the psychiatric account of a resident Irbit Denis Murashov drove “UAZ” in the door of the concert hall “Kosmos” in Ekaterinburg’s city centre, then burned the car. Local media immediately called the main version of the investigation, the protest against the film “Matilda”, the TFR has urged “not to replicate a version of” until the investigation is completed. Before the attacks exposed the Studio Teacher.