Lebedev refused to apologize after the words of the meaninglessness of life armless girls

Igor Lebedev

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Igor Lebedev does not intend to apologize for his words about the meaninglessness of life armless girls. He said this in comments to radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“It was a private correspondence, though, and in the public plane,” — said Lebedev.

“What does Sergei Boyarsky, who is this? He got in our correspondence with [Alexander] Torshin, expressed some not very biased review. I answered. Why should I apologize?” he explained his position.

On the evening of 11 September, the state Secretary of the Central Bank Alexander Torshin has published on Twitter a video. On it was depicted a little girl with no hands, who was eating with his feet. “Why are these children allowed to be born, it’s Martyr, not life?! Modern medicine defines pathology in advance”, — commented on the recording Lebedev. State Duma Deputy Sergei Boyarsky called such a position repulsive, in response, Vice speaker of the state Duma wrote: “Repulsive when such suffer and not live.” Correspondence of politicians to this end.

Earlier, Lebedev said that the football player of Russian national team Yuri Zhirkova, remote from the field in the match against Mexico at the confederations Cup, “have to face”. Later, the politician noted that it might have been said on emotions, but he believes the team “needs to Express to the jury his anger about his act”.