“Irma” is weakened to the level of a tropical depression

National center for U.S. monitoring hurricanes said that tropical storm “Irma” weakened to the level of a tropical depression.

It is noted that in the South-East United States are heavy rains. In addition, 6.5 million Florida residents were left without electricity.

Now the storm is moving in a North-westerly direction at a speed of 24 kilometers per hour. The US President declared Alabama a state of emergency, designed to attract Federal assistance for the search-and-rescue works and liquidation of consequences of elements.

Earlier it became known that the total damage from the hurricane “Harvey” and “Irma” could cost the US economy $ 290 billion or 1.5 percent of GDP. “The damage from hurricane “Irma” will be about $ 100 billion, this is equivalent to half a percentage point of GDP. “Harvey” was a natural disaster that caused the greatest damage to our country in its history — about 190 billion dollars, equivalent to one percentage point of GDP”, — said the President of the weather company AccuWeather’s Joel Myers.