Brazilian gold miners boasted of killing 10 natives of the Amazon

Brazilian authorities began investigating the murders of the natives of the Amazon valley Jawara (Vale do Javari), allegedly committed by illegal gold miners. On Tuesday, September 12, reports The Guardian.

The crime has not yet been confirmed. The investigators have to sail in a boat 12 days to get to the scene.

Information about possible murders did the Prosecutor’s office from representatives of indigenous peoples. According to them, the miners boasted in a bar in the town near the border with Colombia, which killed about 10 natives. They showed other visitors trophy — allegedly taken from one of the dead paddle with carving, says the Daily Mail.

“They said they threw them [the bodies] into the river”, — quotes the aboriginal coordinator of the Brazilian National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) Leila Soto-Meyer (Leila Sotto-Maior).

It is noted that the murder could be committed in early August, which complicates the investigation.

The NGO representatives explained that on such a large area as the valley Jawara, it is difficult to control the security of the local inhabitants.

According to information from open sources, in the valley of the Jawara in Brazil there are about three thousand natives. Some of the tribes contactless and consist of only a few dozen people.