ABBA reunion plans and virtual tour

ABBA reunion plans and virtual tour

One of the former members of the group said that the proposed tour is scheduled for 2019.

STOCKHOLM, September 12. /TASS/. ABBA is preparing a virtual tour. In this beloved music will be performed by a digital copy of the Quartet’s members — avatars. This was reported by a former member of the band, composer and musician benny Andersson in an interview with the Expressen newspaper published on Monday evening.

Quartet ABBA broke up in 1982. Since each of these four journalists consistently asked the question, do you plan to reunification and the rebirth of the group, what they also invariably answered in the negative. Now, before the release of their new album Piano, Andersson unexpectedly gave a different answer, saying Yes.

“From time to time we meet. Something did together, and now we have a common project,” he said. The musician adds that the proposed tour is scheduled for 2019, provided that the project will be “strong enough”. “It will take some time to digitize faces, continues Andersson. — It’s great that all this is at this technical level, it will be interesting.”