A court in Makhachkala acquitted the son of the mayor in the case of race and the fight with the police

The son of the mayor of Makhachkala, Badrudin Musayev acquitted by a local court by results of consideration of criminal case about racing through the city center and fight with the police. This was reported by “the Russian newspaper” the press-Secretary of the Supreme court of Dagestan of Zarema Mamaeva Tuesday, September 12.

“As a former customs officer know the ethics of behavior, — quotes the edition the statement of the defendant in the last word before the sentence. In the time of the incident there were a lot of people, I could easily be confused. Turns I did, as was traveling in another car with other people, so I ask to make an objective decision”.

The prosecution, according to “Russian newspaper”, was asked to appoint a young person the sentence of five years in a General regime colony for the use of violence against a representative of authorities (article 318 of the criminal code) and 30 thousand rubles fine for insulting a police officer (article 319 of the criminal code).

“Musaev refused to comply with the lawful demands of the authorities, — told in Prosecutor’s office. He is also in a rough obscene form has promised to use violence, then struck one of the officers several blows, causing injuries that caused harm to health of average weight”

The incident occurred on may 31 last year. According to investigators, the son of the mayor of Makhachkala grossly violated the traffic rules and created an emergency situation in the city centre, and then came into conflict with the police.

In court one of the stopped cab guards said that the defendant publicly insulted him and provoked a fight. “We wanted to bring Musayev, who was with him, but friends are not allowed to do it,” said the policeman.

In June 2016, the network appeared the video, where the driver of the car Mercedes-Benz (as it was supposed to have been Musayev, Jr.) performs stunts at one of the crossroads of Makhachkala right in front of the traffic police.