U.S. attorney General offered to check the national security Council on the lie detector

Jeff Sessions

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions expressed a desire to test all employees of Council of national safety of the country lie detector. As reported on 10 September the portal Axios, so he plans to eradicate information leakage.

According to and Roman sessions, it is this organization that has a CI and polygraph at least scare him and make him opt out of further disclosures of classified data.

The publication revealed that subjects will be given one question — what do they know about the leaking of transcripts of telephone conversations of the President with foreign leaders. This question is related to the fact that only a small part of this office has access to these materials.

The number of cases of leaks of classified information in the United States rose last year by more than two times the justice of the country has estimated that in 2016, the office has received 37 signals about cases of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data. In particular, on 9 February, Reuters reported that the President of the United States Donald trump in the course of conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin criticized the Treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms (start-3), calling the agreement a failure for Washington.

In late February, trump said that the leaks to the press of information damaging Washington is a team of former U.S. leader Barack Obama.

On 13 August the head of state said his close employees that he suspects adviser on strategic issues Stephen Bannon in the organization leaks information about the work of the White house. We are talking about a “leak” of compromising the national security adviser Herbert McMaster.

5 APR’bannon was dismissed from the national security Council after representatives of Republicans and Democrats disagreed with his appointment.