Trump announced in Florida mode of major disaster

The President of the United States Donald trump introduced in Florida mode of major disaster. According to Reuters, he ordered Federal authorities to assist state, which was hit by hurricane “Irma”.

Decree of the President means that residents and businesses will be able to receive payments for temporary lodging and housing repairs, as well as cheap loans to cover uninsured losses. The Federal government also will reimburse expenses of local authorities on the protection of citizens, as well as most of the costs of removing debris.

Trump called the “Irma” the “huge monster”, the TV channel ABC News. The President reported that authorities effectively coordinate their actions to minimize damage from the elements.

National center for U.S. monitoring hurricanes announced that the hurricanes for several days in the Western and Central parts of Florida are expected dangerous wind gusts and flash floods. The water level in Naples in the South-West of the state have risen by two meters and a half hours.

Currently, the hurricane weakened to the second category. He’s moving North at a speed of 6.7 meters per second.