The UN has suspected the Venezuelan government for crimes against humanity

Zeid RA’ad al Hussein

The UN high Commissioner for human rights Zeid RA’ad al Hussein believes that Venezuela had committed crimes against humanity. He stated this on Monday, September 11, speaking at the opening of the 36th session of the UN Council on human rights (UNHRC) in Geneva, Reuters reports.

According to al Hussein, for confirmation of this information requires a judicial investigation. “I urge the UNHRC to establish an international Commission to investigate human rights violations in Venezuela”, — quotes RIA Novosti his words.

In August, the UN high Commissioner said that the Venezuelan police violated human rights during the suppression of anti-government protests.

In Venezuela since April of this year, the continuing unrest, victims of clashes have killed more than 100 people. This comes amid the standoff between Maduro and the opposition, which after the election belongs to the majority in Parliament. The cause of the conflict was the deepest economic crisis in the country caused by the fall in world oil prices.