The UN has named the operation against Rohingya in Myanmar ethnic cleansing

The UN has named the operation against Rohingya in Myanmar ethnic cleansing

The military operation by the government of Myanmar against the Muslim Rohingya is a classic example of ethnic cleansing, said the UN high Commissioner for human rights Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein.

“Because Myanmar refuses to grant access for investigations of human rights violations, the situation cannot be fully determined, but it seems a textbook example of ethnic cleansing” — he said at the opening of the 36th session of the UN Council on human rights.

He urged the government to ensure the access of UN officials in the Northern Rakhine state, where clashes between Muslims and the army of Myanmar.

The government of Myanmar should cease to pretend that the Rohingya people themselves set fire to their homes and ravage their villages. It is a complete denial of reality causes great damage to the international reputation of the state, which until recently was treated favorably.Zeid RA’ad al-Hussein.The UN high Commissioner for human rights

“I urge the government to stop the brutal military operation, which it does, to bring to justice all perpetrators of violations and an end to the cruel discrimination of the Muslim Rohingya people,” added the Commissioner.

The aggravation of the situation in Myanmar began after August 25, 2017 militants from the “Army of salvation Rohingya of Arakan” (ARS) has conducted a coordinated attack on more than 30 police posts and to the base of the Myanmar army, killing at least 12 officers of the security forces. In addition, militants accused of killing 14 civilians.