The Russians appreciated the work of Medvedev


RIA Novosti

The activities of Dmitry Medvedev on a post of the Chairman of the government positively estimated 40% of Russians. This is evidenced by the data of Fund “Public opinion”. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

The same number of citizens appreciates the work of the Prime Minister negatively. Another 20% were undecided. At the same time, the question “do You trust or not trust Dmitry Medvedev” only 39% of respondents answered that they trust, and 49% said they do not trust the policy and 11% did not answer this question. According to sociologists, in August the credibility of the Prime Minister of the country fell by one-third. The survey was conducted September 2-3 in 207 localities 73 regions of Russia. It was attended by three thousand respondents.