The Ministry of environment has demanded to arrange well the territory of a mass grave in the suburbs

Inspectors econadzor completed the administrative investigation into the pollution of construction waste land in the village of Nosovo Solnechnogorsk district near the mass grave of soldiers of the great Patriotic war. This was reported on the website of the regional government on Monday, September 11.

The audit revealed that the individual entrepreneur at the distance of 30 meters from the mass grave of Soviet soldiers who died in 1941, organized the piles of soil, gravel, peat and sand.

“For the creation of illegal dumps on agricultural land the owner fined. The owner of the site, which did not control the state of the land, issued an order to eliminate the piles of garbage”, — said the Minister of ecology of the region Alexander Kogan.

On 19 July it was reported that in the Moscow region in the framework of the project “General cleaning” liquidated thirty-one dump. The next day, 30 cubic meters of household and construction debris eliminated in the Noginsk district at the request of the Ministry of ecology and nature management of the Moscow region.