The Internet launched an online stream of destructive United States hurricane “Irma”

Continue: the network has shown a flooded Miami

CNN started broadcasting the hurricane “Irma” that struck the American state of Florida. Live video available on the YouTube channel Live Stream TV News.

The national meteorological center of the USA has reported that the hurricane hit on Marco island, which is part of Florida. The danger of the hurricane is reduced from fourth to third, maximum wind has slowed down to 195 kilometers per hour.

YouTube channel American Blue Bird has launched an online broadcast of the largest city of Florida is Miami.

Previously a resident of Florida’s Rion Edwards (Ryon Edwards) have created in Facebook a meeting called “Shoot the hurricane “Irma””. It was scheduled for September 10 at 10:00 local time (17:00 GMT). State police urged people wishing to take part in the rally to abandon the idea.