Solar flare has forced the ISS crew to leave the shelter

Solar flare has forced the ISS crew to leave the shelter

After the next solar flare that occurred on 10 September, the ISS crew received the command “alert,” signifying the need to go to a special shelter, which is equipped on the station.

About it RIA Novosti on Monday, 11 September, said the head of the research Institute of nuclear physics named after D. Skobeltsyn, Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov (SINP MSU) Mikhail Panasyuk.

According to him, in that moment, when the ISS passed “past the Sun”, started to increase the proton events, as well as radiation exposure.

Powerful flash on the star occurred on September 10, around 19:00 Moscow time. This is the fourth explosion that occurred from the beginning of September. First there was a series of five weak emission energy of the M-class and 6 September, followed by an explosion, which was the largest for the last 12 years and is one of the five most powerful explosions on the Sun for the entire history of observations. The second powerful flash, which is attributed to the class X, took place on 7 September and the third on the following day, 8 September.

Due to the ongoing outbreaks in the surrounding space is thrown a huge energy. A few minutes into space, it takes about hundreds of billions of megatons of TNT. This is about the fifth part of the energy radiated by the Sun per second, and all the energy that will develop people in a million years (subject to its production with modern pace).