Russia reacted to the demolition of the mausoleum to the soldiers of the red army in Poland


The decision of the Polish authorities to demolish the mausoleum on the site of a mass grave of red army soldiers in the center of the city Trzcianka caused a wave of indignation in Russia. The foreign Ministry, the destruction of the monument regarded as vandalism, which demonstrate that anti-Russian policy of Warsaw. In turn, the defense Ministry said the demolition of the monument to the outrageous desecration of the memory of those who liberated the world from fascism. While the Russian authorities have stressed that the destruction of the mausoleum and other Soviet memorials in the framework of the policy of de-communization is unacceptable at least from the point of view of existing interstate and intergovernmental agreements, not to mention the moral side of the issue.

The blasphemy and vandalism at the state level called the Russian foreign Ministry the decision of the Polish authorities to demolish the mausoleum on the site of a mass grave of red army soldiers in the town of Trzcianka, on the West of the country. The foreign Ministry stressed that the Polish side knew about the position of Russia, who opposed the destruction of the monument, however, ignored her.

“We were outraged about the demolition of the mausoleum on the site of a mass grave of red army soldiers in the city of Trzcianka (Poland). The preparation for this blasphemous act lasted a long time, and the Polish side was aware of our well-reasoned and clear position against the elimination of this monument,” — said the press service of the Ministry.

“The arbitrariness of the Polish authorities in relation to any Soviet/Russian memorial objects is unacceptable from the point of view of existing interstate and intergovernmental documents,” — said the Minister.

The foreign Ministry expressed strong protest in connection with “the vandalism of the Polish authorities.” There is also called the destruction of the mausoleum is a good illustration of anti-Russian policy of Warsaw.

“We believe this is another glaring incident is the direct consequence and illustration of the anti-Russian policy of the leadership of Poland, including in the memorial area. In Warsaw must understand that such a demonstration of contempt for the memory of the war and its heroes is akin to barbarism. To tolerate this we do not intend,” said the Minister.

On the eve of his indignation at the actions of the Polish authorities expressed by the Russian defense Ministry, calling the demolition of the monument to the outrageous desecration of the memory of those who liberated the world from the brown plague — fascism.

“The Polish authorities are trying to justify the absence in this territory of any of the burial places of the Soviet soldiers, and if they are, then they are planning to exhume them and move to another place”, — told in the Ministry.

It noted that the Polish authorities twice appealed to the Russian side on the issue of eliminating the “symbolic” monument in the business Advisor and twice they sent the documents confirming that this place is a Russian military burial of Second world war period.

“Based on this precedent, we can conclude that the Polish authorities from the demolition of the monument in violation of the intergovernmental agreement passed the destruction of military graves”, — stressed in the defense Ministry.

After the incident in the Ministry of culture and national heritage of Poland and the country’s foreign Ministry had sent a note of protest.

A strong protest in connection with the destruction of the mausoleum of Soviet soldiers was expressed by the Russian Embassy in Poland. In the message of the diplomatic mission noted that repeatedly officially pointed out to the Polish side: such actions are contrary to the bilateral intergovernmental agreement of 1994 on the graves and places of memory of victims of war and repression.

“We believe that the Polish side has not presented weighty arguments in favour of the elimination or transfer of this memorial. According to Embassy documents, under the mausoleum remains the burial of soldiers of the red Army, which gives even more illegal and immoral nature of the action for its destruction”, — stressed in dippredstavitelstva.

Mass grave of the Soviet soldiers on one of the Central squares of Tschinke was opened in 1945 in memory of those killed during the liberation of the city 56 servicemen of the Soviet Army. Thus, according to the defense Ministry, known personal data 17 the red army.

“Eternal glory to heroes who fell in the battles against the German invaders for the freedom and independence of our Motherland!” — reads the inscription on the pediment of the mausoleum.

It is worth noting that Soviet troops occupied the city on January 27, 1945, thus for the first time in 173 years restoring it under the sovereignty of the Polish state. Prior to that, Warsaw was under the rule of Prussia and then Germany from 1772. However, remember this is the current Polish government do not like.

The punishment for such an attitude to the monuments and disrespect for history will ultimately bear the Polish nation. This opinion in an interview with RT expressed by the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei chepa.

“This is another provocation of the poles. Perhaps, no conscience, no mind of people who do such things. Those who have no memory of the past, will be deprived of the future. I think that on all sides the poles as a nation for such things will be punished,” — said the Deputy.

He also added that such actions shall be neither excuse nor forgiveness, because the USSR has paid a very heavy price for the liberation of Eastern Europe and Poland in particular.

“Such things we will not forgive. More than 600 thousand of our citizens died for the freedom of Poland. And today, the poles under all sorts of pretexts, just mock the memory of our compatriots who gave their lives for the freedom of Poland,” said Chepe.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Andrei Klimov, in conversation with RT also condemned this policy of Warsaw.

“Here I actually have involuntarily there is a direct analogy with the terrorists. They are at war with monuments on what basis? At the same. They believe that by destroying monuments, remake history. All this is evidence of “high” intelligence of the people who organize this kind of insanity,” said the Senator.

In mid-July the President of Poland Andrzej Duda signed amendments to the law on prohibition of propaganda of communism, which prohibit “the erection of monuments, promoting a totalitarian regime” and actually legitimized the possibility of the demolition of Soviet monuments.

22 June, the lower house of the Polish Parliament adopted amendments to the law on decommunization, on the basis of which the Polish authorities can carry about 500 monuments of the Soviet era.

However, not all residents of Poland are for the destruction of memorials to Soviet warriors. In early September, activists held at the American Embassy in Warsaw a demonstration against such actions of the Polish authorities.

“We came to the American Embassy to show that in Washington there are factors that incite some hysteria, resulting in the war of the monuments”, — said one of the organizers Marcin Adam.