North Korea threatened Washington “the greatest pain” in case of new sanctions

North Korea has warned the United States that in the case of the adoption of new sanctions Washington “will have to pay the price and face the greatest pain and suffering in its history” if you continue to insist on strengthening the sanctions regime against the DPRK. It is reported by Yahoo! News.

In the message of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK released by the state Agency KCNA, notes that the U.S. “must pay a price” if it continues to promote the UN security Council his “illegal resolution”.

Sunday, September 3, North Korea announced the successful underground test of a hydrogen warhead for ICBMs. Recent seismological data of Japanese experts presented on Wednesday, September 6, indicate that the power of the explosion was about 160 kilotons. According to the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN, the sixth nuclear test is “a great victory of the Korean people and the proof that North Korea is a nuclear power with Intercontinental ballistic missile with a hydrogen warhead”

The USA intend to put to the vote of the UN Security Council on 11 September, the draft resolution about the intensification of sanctions against the DPRK for conducting a nuclear test. Circulated among the members of the security Council document proposes to ban the export of oil and oil products, as well as set an embargo on products of North Korean light industry.