Medvedev: the technological transformation may kill some jobs

Russia needs to prepare for the challenges of technological transformation, which can lead in particular to a polarization of income, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“Another example of what challenges we are faced with a technological change can lead not only to the explosive growth of labor productivity, I mean the transformation of the primarily on the basis of the digital economy, but to kill, on the other hand, the whole of the profession, increase the risks of polarization of income,” warned the head of government during a speech at the Moscow financial forum.

According to him, for Russia in this regard, a critical willingness to these challenges the key areas of health, social security, education and so on.

“… and the modernization of the state apparatus, so that all standard, routine operations were transferred to digital form,” — Medvedev said, Recalling the increase in the collection of payments to the budget due to the introduction of new technologies in this field.