In the Sun there was a new strong flare

In the Sun there was a new strong flare

MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Sun around 19:00 Moscow time, has recorded a powerful flash of the highest class activity. This was reported on the website of the physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences.

New flash belongs to class X, she was assigned a score of X8.2. Index flare activity reaches 9.8 points out of a possible 10. This is the fourth powerful explosion on the sun for the last time.

A series of strong solar flares began on Monday and then managed to capture five of the energy class M. two days later there was another explosion on the surface of the star, which became powerful over the last 12 years. The flash is assigned a score of X9.3.

The seventh of September was re-recorded explosion, which was assigned to class X. After that, the Earth was struck by a strong geomagnetic storm that caused the failure of satellite communication systems and affected the operation of computer networks across the planet.

The defense Ministry reported that the solar flare did not affect the activities of Russian military satellites and the integrity of a missile shield troops the strategic missile forces.

Another powerful flare occurred on the Sun. She has a top class activity.

— Echo Of Moscow (@EchoMskRu) September 10, 2017
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