Defined regions of Russia with the most nervous employees

The HeadHunter made on the results of a poll rating of regions where people experience daily stress at work. About it reports “Russian newspaper” on Monday, September 11.

First place was taken by the Oryol region, where this problem is faced more than a third of respondents.

Moscow, suffering from nervous work, with 22% of residents, slightly ahead of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad oblast (23%).

In half of the cases stress is associated with a large amount of work. 40 percent of respondents fall into depression because of lack of time. From quarrels with superiors suffer 32 percent of respondents.

Russian women are nervous at work more often than men. The problem with stress is also more common for middle-aged people (25 to 45 years). The services of a psychologist are only 3 percent of respondents.

Most stresses experienced by the procurement specialists, as well as employees of hotels and restaurants.

In researched was attended by 11 545 people from all over the country.