Banned in California to deliver marijuana drones

California Bureau for control over the trafficking of marijuana (California, USA) was forbidden to deliver this product to consumers via drones. On Monday, September 11, reports The Verge.

The limitation is due to the fact that the regulatory body has developed special rules for the delivery of cannabis to customers. In particular, the document States that the supplier must deliver the goods to the consumer exclusively inside vehicles or trailers. “Can be transported by aircraft, water or rail cars under the control of the person”, — stated in the rules.

A separate paragraph in the regulations prescribed condition according to which the forwarder is forbidden to use marijuana, which he carries. Furthermore, delivery can only licensed companies whose cars are equipped with satellite navigation systems to track the movement of goods.

According to the newspaper, the volume of legal sales of marijuana in California is around $ 5 billion per year. The authorities intend to start issuing licenses for transportation of cannabis in January 2018.

California residents approved the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes in a referendum held simultaneously with the presidential elections in the United States November 8, 2016. Now, any Californian over the age of 21 may buy, carry and consume up to 28.5 grams of cannabis.