At the Eternal flame in Ulyanovsk fried sausages

In Ulyanovsk the police are checking the information that the company of young people hear things and fried sausages at the Eternal flame. About it “Interfax” have informed in the regional cupola MIA.

“If it is revealed the fact of violation, the identity of the perpetrators are installed,” — said the representative office.

As writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ulyanovsk”, – scene photos of the incident appeared in social networks on the night of September 10. The picture shows two young men and a girl sitting near the Eternal flame, laying it out next to things. Here they fried sausages, marks “MK in Ulyanovsk”.

In February of this year in Salekhard, the children threw snow at the Eternal flame located on Victory square, the monument to the fallen in the great Patriotic war. His act was explained by the curiosity, as well as those that did not know about the value of the memorial. Students and their parents were conducted preventive conversations.