The Parliament of Kosovo elected government

The Parliament of Kosovo elected government

Moscow. September 10. INTERFAX.RU — Ramush Haradinaj was elected Prime Minister of Kosovo by a vote of the Parliament, reported on Sunday Agency Associated Press.

Voting took place on Saturday. For the candidate’s voted 61 MPs out of 120, one abstained. Members of the opposition boycotted the vote.

Parliamentary elections were held on June 11. Haradinaj heads the party “Alliance for the future of Kosovo”, which won 39 seats. He managed to assemble a coalition of three parties, which excluded the impact of the Serbian ethnic group.

Haradinaj was already Prime Minister from December 2004 to March 2005. He retired, to appear before the Tribunal of the UN as former leader of the “Kosovo liberation Army” during the war with Serbia, 1998-1999. It was twice accused of war crimes and acquitted twice.

Many countries have recognized Kosovo as an independent state, but Serbia still opposes this Republic and considers its territory. The normalization of relations with the Kosovars was one of the conditions for Serbia’s accession to the European Union.